Happy Joan’s Birthday!

Joan Concilio |

Thanks for being part of my virtual 39th birthday party!

More than 50 different people attended, which officially makes me more popular than ever before in my life, I think! And I had a blast; I hope, if you were able to join us, you did too.

If you missed the event, or if for some reason you didn’t but are just randomly visiting this page for fun (?), you can still make my birthday extra-special by considering a donation to my fundraiser for Pengins for Everyone, our family’s 501(c)(3) stuffed-penguin-giving nonprofit.

Donate here!

You can also buy stuff you’re ALREADY buying on Amazon via Amazon Smile, with Pengins for Everyone selected as your charity. When you do this, you don’t pay anything different and Amazon gives us a small percentage of the value of your transaction!

Support Pengins for Everyone on Amazon Smile!

Also, I really, really do not need any sort of present for myself, but if you are someone who just feels happier buying someone a gift rather than making donations, I do have an Amazon wishlist.